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Star Ergonomics

The Company

Star Ergonomics is a global manufacturer of advanced, flexible workplace technologies. Our head office is located in Plano, Texas.

We combine attention to quality and detail with innovation and technology. This results in products that provide advanced flexibility and healthier work environments.

Our range of flexible-use desk systems are affordable, high-quality solutions to today’s productivity and health challenges. We focus on improving the ergonomic design of every product we create.

Using advanced technology is the core of our product strategy. Star Ergonomics has pioneered or advanced the use of digital LED memory controllers and gas-spring assisted lifting mechanisms in our offerings.

Our goal is to give our customers three basic and vital workplace benefits – activity, productivity, and better health.

Each of our products is built to enhance and upgrade existing office structures. Why replace expensive furniture, wasting time and money? Star Ergonomics lets you upgrade your office infrastructure instead of replacing it. Each product is designed with quick setup in mind, saving you time and frustration.

 Star Ergonomics is focused on giving businesses, students and home workers easy options for making their office environment more dynamic.