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Star Ergonomics - Electric Sit-Stand Workstation (SE04E1WB)

Star Ergonomics - Electric Sit-Stand Workstation (SE04E1WB)

$299.95 $499.95

Sit-stand workstations are very easy products for versatile workplaces by converting any desk to sit-stand desks. No replacement of furniture and quick setup saves a lot of work while optimizing office ergonomics. SE04E1WB Series even make the easy products easier. It's a premium aesthetic workstation with great functionality. Powerful motor lifts the heavy load on the work surface with a touch of a button. The motor driven mode avoids the awkward forward posture while lifting regular workstation–the posture increases the heavy load on lumbar area. Quiet motion prevents interrupting the working environment. Sophisticated motion control generates smooth and stable adjustment. Moreover, one size does fit all–min 35mm - max 535mm (1.4"-21.1") height adjustment range accommodates different sizes. Perfect focal distance enhances ergonomic comfort. Tiltable design satisfies better viewing angles. 360 degrees’ rotation for landscape and portrait view. With all good features that regular sit-stand workstation have, the electric sit-stand workstations are easier to use and truly meets the ergonomic requirement.

●Strong motor ensures a very high stability level

●Easy-to-use press controller makes height adjustment easy

●Large surface for placing more devices

●Front slot holds most tablets and phones

●Cable management keeps everything organized

●Free-tilting design for multiple monitor viewing angles

●360° rotation is perfect for more viewing experience

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