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Star Ergonomics

Now you don't have to sacrfice your health while working or studying thanks to a Star Ergonomics adjustable computer desk.

We all know sitting for hours on end is detrimental to your health in the long run which not even daily exercise can offset. There's nothing worse than feeling stiff, cramped and achy from sitting down for hours on end. A sit-stand deskstop workstation eliminates this problem, allowing you to maintain good posture, reduce spinal compression and keep you feeling energized and supple while you work. You'll be able to maintain better posture, reduce spinal compression and maintain a more sustained level of energy throughout your work day. An electric sit-stand workstation also prevents any unneccessary leaning over that can cause strain in the lumbar area. These are available with either single or dual monitor mounts.

Couple your adjustable height computer desk with an anti-fatigue standing desk mat. If you can't imagine standing up all day, an ergonomic office chair is great for those times when you just need to rest your feet.

The Star Ergonomics range includes Electric Sit Stand Desks, Adjustable Height Work TablesElectric Convertible DesksCompact Computer Desks and more.