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QG-PM-FT1-WHT Projector Wall Mount

QualGear QG-PM-FT1-WHT Universal Projector Wall Mount with Fine Tune Adjustments


QualGear's QG-PM-FT1-WHT is a high-end professional grade projector wall mount with fine-tune adjustment capabilities that will get you a perfect image in less than a couple of minutes. This projector mount features six Axis adjustments and three adjustable dials for toolless adjustments of vertical tilt (pitch), horizontal roll, and horizontal rotation.

This mount features a telescopic extension arm to support both regular front throw and short throw applications.

The mount supports six axis adjustments as follows: vertical tilt (pitch): 5 degree, horizontal roll: 5 degree, horizontal rotation: 5 degree, left/right adjustment: 90mm, front/rear adjustment: 360-665mm, up/down adjustment: 40mm (1.57 inch).

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