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So You Want to Setup a Home Theater System - Read This First

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Setting up a home theater system may seem like a daunting task, however these three quick tips can help anyone jump-start their dream home theater. 

1. Know Your Budget

Everyone wants to create THE dream setup but the harsh truth is that most people probably cannot afford that. Knowing what you can afford is the first step to creating the home theater meant for you. Buying everything from the right TV, speaker, and the appropriate mounts can become extremely pricey so choosing what is important to you should be the top priority. 

Money Money Money $$

Don't fret about not being able to get everything you're hoping for, one of the great things about a long term project like this is that you can add on stuff as you go. You don't have to buy everything now and can always purchase some sweet upgrades later on. 

2. Understand Your Space

Space is always an issue when wanting to make something new. Understand the room you are making your home theater in and how everything in it should be setup. The TV you purchase should be able to accommodate the room. The wider the room, the bigger and better the TV. In a situation where you need a TV to fit a wide viewing angle, it may be better to invest in a higher quality TV panel like a IPS (In-Plane Switching) rather than the standard TN or VA panel. If you choose to not use a TV and opt for a more traditional projector screen, make sure you have the room to support it. Mounting a projector and properly adjusting it so it displays the perfect image takes time but luckily we can help you with that. Speaker setups are equally important in home theaters. When purchasing sound systems, start off with a nice receiver. This is a bottleneck for sound systems and even the nicest speakers will not be able to run effectively. Knowing where to place speakers is a challenge as well. Luckily there are plenty of online resources to educate you about this type of situation. 

Theater setup

3. Set Things Up

So, you've bought all your parts and you are ready to get everything setup but you don't want to just scatter your new expensive hardware randomly around your room. A quick and easy way to avoid running out of floor space for you electronics is to not put them on the floor. Mounting your speakers, TV, projector and even your A/V components will save up valuable space for your couch and mini fridge. Luckily, you've come to the right place. QualGear offers hundreds of different premium quality TV Wall Mounts, Projector Ceiling Mounts, and Speaker mounts and competitive prices. 

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