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Nextergo Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame only [Tabletop NOT Included]

Nextergo Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame only [Tabletop NOT Included]



The NextErgo Standing Desk Frame is a minimalistic option and the best sit-stand desk frame if you want something without frills or high costs, perfect for offices, schools, dormitories, and most working environments. Thanks to the digital LED memory controller so that adjustments can be made with one touch. The desk comes with a remote controller with two programmable memory presets to save your sitting and standing heights. Moreover, the remote controller offers a child lock and two USB ports for charging your mobile devices. The desk features a dual-motor system for better stabilization, higher load-bearing capability, and low noise while running to enjoy your working experience.

  • Digital LED memory controller with Bluetooth technology for customizable settings
  • Motors offer heavier lifting ability and increased stability
  • Programmable memory presets to save your desired height
  • Sit/Stand time reminder for regular movement
  • Collision avoidance system safeguards against accidents and injuries

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